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Test-drive assumptions with comprehensive public opinion monitoring of business, politics and society.

Understanding the nexus between government, business, society, policy, politics, stakeholders, investors, interest groups and the public has never been more complicated or detrimental to success. Canadian Strategy Group (CSG) is the only government relations firm to offer clients in-house, integrated public-opinion research to define and refine strategy development.

CSG ThinkHQ research provides analytical tools to clients so they are always armed with the information they need to make the right strategic move. We assess the on-going effectiveness of initiatives, determine strengths and shortfalls of policy options, work to understand the current and future policy and political environment in which clients work, and research what will drive policy shift.

To arrange a consultation with Canadian Strategy Group ThinkHQ, please contact us, or visit:
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Our Work

We help you:

  • Understand the current and future policy and political environment testing your assumptions about a problem, policy or program.
  • Determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of policy options
  • Ensure the right message is reaching the right audience
  • Assess the on-going effectiveness of initiatives



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