Municipal Affairs

Connecting community conversations and supporting local government interaction.

Be confident in your ask, your advocacy, and the political dynamics you face in local government.

Every story at the municipal level requires its own approach and is communicated in its own language.  Communicating effectively with decision makers to shift public opinion, educate a community, and move multiple government jurisdictions takes an understanding of political influences, the evolution of social license, and nurturing key community conversations.

Canadian Strategy Group works with clients to understand the dynamics of municipal affairs and navigate the complex environment in which politics, social license, and community advocacy play a role in the delicate exchanges and influences between provincial, federal, and municipal governments and their stakeholders.

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Our Work

We help you:

  • Assess client goals and establishing an initial understanding of the municipal government.
  • Navigate specific procurement, land development, infrastructure, road and transit, telecommunications, environment, waste management, economic development, and enforcement projects, as well as other projects largely managed at the municipal level.
  • Interpret municipal policies and regulations.
  • Ensure your organization’s voice is heard within local government.
  • To implement strategies that incorporate interactions between municipal, provincial and federal governments.

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