Government Relations

Face every policy and regulatory challenge with a team at your back.

Navigate government and regulatory bodies with smart strategy and get your message heard by key decision makers.

Navigating government, shaping public policy and communicating effectively with decision makers begins with proactive issue management and knowing and understanding how government officials are motivated, make decisions and measure success.

Our team of advisors share their extensive experience gained in both public and private sectors to construct a succinct and consistent message. We take into account public opinion, the needs of municipal, provincial and federal jurisdictions and the dynamics of multiple political parties. In the context of strategy, we help build the relationships you need to align your business with a shared value proposition, build advocacy and contacts plans, broaden perspectives and build reputation so your message and strategy has the impact you intended, and no outcome is a surprise.

To arrange a government relations consultation, please contact us.

Our Work

We can help you:

  • Establish and maintain a positive relationship with government.
  • Monitor issues, public policy, legislation and regulation.
  • Interpret government – translate initiatives and identify the implications and opportunities for your firm.
  • Advance strategies and tactics that add shareholder value.
  • Provide environmental overviews for your senior executives and strategic business units.
  • Ensure your organization’s voice is heard and understood by government – by the right officials at the right time.
  • Chart a course for your organization to inform the direction taken by government.
  • Train and mentor in-house government relations staff.
  • Focus on issues management by developing and implementing effective strategies and action plans for companies, candidates, crisis, risks to assets and stakeholder opposition to projects.
  • Manage issues on short, medium and long term continuums with measurable success.
  • Develop multipronged strategies anticipating shifts or opportunities in government and regulatory environments.
  • Provide political environmental scan and assessment.
  • Work with federal, provincial, and municipal regulatory agencies and personnel on specific issues affecting your business.
  • Advise your company on the regulatory aspects and climate that would affect proposed operations or projects.

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