What Happens Next?

Posted by | June 1, 2015 | News // Premium


Premier-Designate Rachel Notley held a news conference this morning, where she reassured Alberta’s energy industry, and spoke about her transition plans. She told reporters her team will spend the next couple of days being briefed by senior bureaucrats.

Notley is still working on putting together her transition team. While it currently consists of senior leadership from her campaign, she also spoke to former NDP Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow and said she’s receiving advice from across the country. Over the next few days they will focus on putting her transition team in place and getting her members organized to take office. As a change in government is a significant transition, the post-election transition
announcements may take a bit more time than we saw after recent leadership campaigns.

The Premier-Designate also told reporters much of today will spent on the phone, reaching out to business leaders in the energy industry. She reiterated she wants to grow jobs and work collaboratively with industry.

She did not offer a timeline for swearing in, session, or budget. Some logistical items, such as being invited to form government by the Lieutenant Governor must first happen. However, it is likely she will be sworn-in within the next ten to 14 days. Until then, it is the job of Richard Dicerni, Deputy Minister of Executive Council, to ensure a smooth transition.

First Notley must name a cabinet.  Under Prentice, there were 18 ministries.  How many ministries, ministers, how they are organized and committee structures are all decision points the for Premier-Elect.  Those offices will then need to be staffed.