Stakeholder Engagement

Establish comfortable relationships and build essential partnerships in a challenging environment.

Start with an articulate vision and smart strategy.
End with clarity, perspective, and social license right from the source.

Every successful communication begins with a succinct ask. When it is backed by insight and advocacy, you can build something that belongs to you: an actionable plan and reputation of integrity. More than ever before, stakeholder engagement is the linchpin in decision-making, planning and implementation of strategy in government and corporations.

Canadian Strategy Group works with clients to leverage public consultation, facilitate community conversations, and consult with those invested in every outcome. We work to create harmony and balance in situations that can be emotionally charged, controversial and complex.

To arrange a consultation for stakeholder engagement, please contact us.

Our Work

We can assist your business:

  • To assess your needs, goals, and the complexities of your project.
  • Create strategic action plans focused around effective and neutral stakeholder engagement.
  • Schedule and facilitate public consultation meetings and open houses, catered to your target demographic and scope.
  • Through high-level reporting and analysis of findings realized through stakeholder engagement consultations.
  • To train your organizations or businesses in the value of stakeholder engagement.

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